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Captive-Bred Flameback Angefish (Centropyge acanthops) - ORA

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This little African pygmy angelfish is as beautiful as it is uncommon. With a stunning combination of golden yellow and cobalt blue, the ORA Flameback Angelfish is an absolute delight to observe in the home aquarium. By staying just under 3” in length, this fish is a perfect addition for smaller nano tanks, but flourishes in larger systems as well. They spend their days darting in and out of rock work, foraging on algae and other small invertebrates. It is not recommended to keep more than one together, unless in aquariums of 100 gallons or more. Our fish will readily consume pellets, foods rich in spirulina algae and other high quality marine fish feed.

Approximate Purchase Size: 1" - 1.25"

**ORA Fish are Shipped Directly from ORA Facilities and not from SaltwaterAquarium**

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