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Clearwater Scrubbers

CW-100 External Algae Scrubber V2 (100 - 180 Gallons) - Clear Water

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CW-100 External Algae Scrubber V2 (100 - 180 Gallons) - Clear Water
CW-100 External Algae Scrubber V2 (100 - 180 Gallons) - Clear Water
CW-100 External Algae Scrubber V2 (100 - 180 Gallons) - Clear Water
CW-100 External Algae Scrubber V2 (100 - 180 Gallons) - Clear Water
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Algae scrubbers have been successfully used for many years to combat excess nutrients via the growth of natural algaes. Due to the efficiency of algae scrubbers, many aquarists no longer need expensive nitrate and phosphate removal media to combat nutrient levels. Testing has shown algae from a scrubber contains almost 50% more nitrogen than traditional macro algaes like chaeto used in refugiums. Algaes grown inside the scrubber also remove unwanted contaminants from the water column. An algae scrubber can easily be added to almost any saltwater or freshwater system to lower nutrient and contaminate levels and help inhabitants thrive. As the algae grows, it will “lock up” nutrients/contaminants in its structure, and by harvesting the algae you are removing these from your tank.


Clear Water Scrubbers has reinvented the waterfall turf scrubber with their patent pending V2 models. By removing all the PVC pipe and fittings, this version can be mounted anywhere with no chances of leaks. Flow is much easier to dial in and growth is achieved faster due to the 100% screen coverage from the tray design. Included now are the built in light blockers that stop the flood of light but can still be removed easily to check growth on the algae screen.

Clear Water Scrubbers are an external design that needs to be mounted higher than the sump of your tank for the drain to flow into or higher than the full water level of your sump with an in-sump stand. The feed for the scrubber can be done with a stand alone feed pump (we recommend a Sicce SDC 3.0) or manifold plumbed into the included ½” or 3/8” barb fitting. Water will then flow into the tray and down the algae screen that is blasted with a proprietary design of red/blue LED lights. Water will then drain into your sump thru the 1” bottom drain installed in the scrubber.

Setup, Install, and Maintenance:

  1. Mount the scrubber over the sump or above it elsewhere with either an in-sump stand, wall mount stand or whatever you want to use to hold the unit.  It will need to be above the full line of your sump as the lamps cannot be submerged.  They are splash proof and not 100% waterproof.
  2. Hook up the scrubber with either a secondary pump or off a manifold.
  3. To accurately determine the correct flow for the scrubber, the tray should be full of water but not so much that it is overflowing over the sides.  Overflowing over the sides will increase the sound coming from the scrubber.
  4. Initially the lamps for the scrubber should be run 24/7 to seed the screen.  Once the screen is seeded, the run time on the lamps can be reduced if necessary. If you are running a UV sterilizer, shut it off for the 1st week or two as this will prevent the scrubber from seeding.  The run time of the lamps controls the nutrient uptake for the algae.  Cut back in 4hr increments until the desired balance is achieved.
  5. Included in each unit is a bottle of iron/trace element replacement.  This is a very concentrated dose of those elements.  You should get an initial ICP analysis done so that you know where your levels are before starting the scrubber.  The algae growing inside the scrubber will consume these elements to grow.  This sample bottle is to replace those elements.  Dosing amounts based on water volume can be found on Captiv8 Aquaculture’s website.
  6.  The initial seeding/harvest should take around 3-6 weeks. After that initial time frame, harvesting of the screen should be around every 7-14 based on growth rates.  You can either just throw the algae away or use it as food for your fish.


CW-50                 50g-100g

CW-100              100g-180g

CW-200              180g-400g

CW-300              400g-1000g

Recommended pump is the Sicce SDC 3.0. This pump will handle all 4 units.

Dimensions:      L x W x H

CW-50                 8” x 8” x 9”

CW-100              10” x 8” x 10”

CW-200              12” x 11” x 12”

CW-300              15” x 11” x 14”


Power 110-220V/50-60Hz

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