A Chaeto Reactor is a a type of reactor in which water flows through Cheato while exposing it to a high powered light.  This in turn forces the the cheato to grow inside the vessel while using up nitrates and phosphates as it grows.  Once the cheato fills the reactor, you simply remove 80% of it and start over removing nitrates and phosphates.

  • LR-150 Chaeto Algae 6" Reactor - Reef Octopus

    LR-150 Chaeto Algae 6" Reactor - Reef Octopus

    Reef Octopus

    The Reef Octopus Algae Reactor is a natural filter which utilizes macroalgae like Chaetomorpha to absorb and remove algae-producing nutrients from your aquarium's water. As macro algae grows, it will consume nutrients in the water. Once you harvest...