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Two Little Fishies

Liquid Phosban-L (500 ml) - Two Little Fishies

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Liquid Phosban-L (500 ml) - Two Little Fishies
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Got a little phosphate problem?

You can solve that in a hurry with PhosBan GFO granular ferric oxyhydroxide. But if your phosphate problem is more than 0.5 ppm you can use our new little solution, PhosBan-L, a highly concentrated liquid containing lanthanum chloride. Lanthanum has a very high capacity to bind with dissolved phosphate in the water, and PhosBan-L will easily and economically bring the phosphate concentration down to a level where you can then use PhosBan GFO to maintain it below 0.02 ppm. The 500 ml bottle of PhosBan-L will remove 1 ppm of Phosphate from 6000 gallons, and the Gallon size removes 1 ppm from 45,000 gallons. Add it dropwise into a protein skimmer or 10 micron filter sock to catch the precipitated phosphate. Whether  adding it by hand or with an automatic dosing system, Two Little Fishies PhosBan-L is a powerful little solution for any big phosphate problem.

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