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ME Super Coral Food (4 oz) Powder - MECoral

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Product Description

ME SUPER FOOD is a dry powdered coral food made from freeze dried Zooplankton and other crustaceous animals.  No cheap fillers like yeast, soy meal, or fish meal.  We only add beneficial Spirulina and Amino Acids, which help enhance coral coloration and growth.   Super Food is designed to feed all corals like SPS, LPS, Zoas, Chalice, Montis, Softies, Clams,  filter feeders and small fish.   No preservatives are added, as many contain phosphates.  Your corals will thank you for using ME Super Food!

Research has shown that corals need energy for growth, coloration, respiration, reproduction, and mucus production.  Sunlight or photosynthesis alone will not meet corals’ demand for energy.   For corals to do best, we must provide them with food and nourishment similar to what is available in a natural coral reef environment.    On the reef, corals consume suspended food particles or Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM), and Zooplankton.   In our super skimmed and filtered aquariums, we are void of these foods, hence it can limit coral growth.   Feeding Super Food replicates what happens in the wild by adding Zooplankton and other high protein crustaceans which are rich in amino acids, protein, and fatty acids to the water column.

Directions:  Rehydrate (1/2 tsp per 100 gal) in seawater for 5 minutes.  Pour into a high flow area of tank to get best dispersion.  Can also be added to sump right before return pump and after filtration devices, so it blows into the system.  Works best if skimmer is turned off, but not necessary.  Can also be used to target feed specific corals with a turkey baster.

Caution:  Not intended for human consumption.  Keep away from children and pets.  If swallowed, do not induce vomiting.  Drink water.

Ingredients:  Rotifers, Copepods, Zyclops, Plankton (DOM), Daphnia, Krill Superba, Gamarus, Mysis, Spirulina, Aspartic and Glutamic Acids

Nutritional Analysis:  Protein (min) 60%, Fat (min) 16%, Fiber (max) 4%, Ash (max) 6%, Moisture (max) 3%

Particle Size: 50-1600 microns

Using in conjunction with ME Polyp Extender:  Use ME Polyp Extender as indicated on bottle first.   15 minutes after adding ME Polyp Extender to the system, add ME Super Food.   This gives corals 15 minutes to exhibit a feeding response due to the amino acids they are eating.  Now that they are feeding and extended, they have a more diverse food source to eat before it gets removed from our systems naturally.

Tip:  Corals can eat an enormous amount of food in a day.   So overfeeding in theory can be a good thing for corals; however every system has different bioload and filtration system.   Feeding should only be done to the point where our system can digest the food.   In other words, if your system can’t consume all the food, it could break down into phosphates.   Elevated po4 can cause unwanted algae growth.  So use your test kit to determine if your feeding too little or too much.

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At MEcoral our objective is to continuously improve aquarist ability to maintain aquarium water chemistry in a simple, safe, and effective manner. We look to exceed our customers expectations in Quality, Cost, and Delivery (Be it on-line or at your Local Fish Store) through continuous improvement via customer interaction. Not being satisfied with the choices of aquarium chemical supplements available in the market place, we decided to help educate Aquarist and bring them the best quality chemicals at reasonable prices. Our products are the results of more than 20 years of passionately working with corals and aquariums. As a Florida licensed coral aquaculture facility we have tried many products in our systems in an attempt to find what works best. We feel we have found the best, and only offer for sale what we use today in our aquariums. We would never ask you to use something we would not use, I am not sure all our competitors can say that. Please look through the coral pictures on the web site to see what some of our corals look like. Every product we offer is based on sound scientific evidence. Not our science, but the consensus of the aquarium community. All of our chemicals are selected, blended, and designed specifically to MEcoral specifications and quality standard. Don’t you deserve a Happy and Healthy aquarium with the best possible coral color and growth? Try MEcoral products, we guarantee you will be happy!

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