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Pincushion Urchin (Lytechinus variegatus) Captive Bred ORA - Algae Barn

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Product Description

The Pincushion Urchin makes an excellent algae eater best known for its tendency to consume unwanted “hair” algae in aquariums as well as fish waste and leftover fish food. These hardy Captive Bred Urchins will also consume other types of unwanted algae found on live rock. They are completely reef safe making them an excellent member of any clean up cre

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Pincushion Urchin Size and Care Requirements

Purchase Size: 0.5″-2″ (diameter)
Max Size: 8″
Water Parameters: 72-78° F, pH 8.1-8.4, sg 1.023-1.025 ppt, dKH 8-12
Color: White with brown spines
Reef Safe: Yes
Diet: Herbivore, Omnivore. Pincushion Urchins do not require supplemental feeding when housed in a saltwater aquarium with some nuisance algae and leftover fish food present. As scavengers, these urchins will scour the live rock in your reef aquarium searching for algae or uneaten fish food or fish waste. However, if no algae, fish food, or fish waste is present the pincushion urchin can be fed green algae wafters.

Pincushion Urchin Species Information

The Lytechinus variegatus urchin comes from the Western Atlantic Ocean and prefers seagrass meadows and other soft-bottom habitats. Totally reef-safe and fond of consuming unsightly hair algae, it has long been a favorite sea urchin among marine aquarium enthusiasts. It is also important to note that these hardy individuals represent some of the first captive-raised specimens to become available to hobbyists. In addition to being a sustainable alternative to wild caught urchins, they also make a great addition to any clean up crew that will help control and eliminate nuisance algae.

Ocean, Reefs, and Aquariums™ (ORA™) is a world leader in marine aquaculture. In addition to captive bred fish, they also produce many species of captive bred marine invertebrates. If you would like more information about how captive bred snails are bred and raised in captivity, please visit their website.


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