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In Collaboration with one of the best Minds in the Industry, Mark Callahan aka Mr Saltwater Tank we have created a Private Video Library to show you how to get the most out of certain products.  We created this library to help our current customers better understand the ins and outs of their purchases.  To Get Access to our Private Video Library all you have to do is purchase your Neptune Apex gear from us and you will automatically get access.

Log In - Then Click Here to View the Video Librarymark-and-logo-500x302.jpg

The Current Private Library Contains the following Video's.

AquaIllumination - AI LED's and the Nero Pump

  1. Connecting AI Lights to WIFI
  2. Setting up a Lighting Schedule
  3. What do the Error Codes mean? (blinking leds)
  4. Mounting the AI Nero 5
  5. Configuring the Nero 5
  6. Nero 5 Software Setup

Neptune Systems - How to Get the Most out of Your Apex

  1. Apex Best Practices
  2. Daily Checkin
  3. Setting up Heartbeat
  4. Setting up Your Apex Dashboard
  5. Apex Probe Related Problems
  6. Oh Sh!t Situations Part 1, Part 2
  7. Connecting 0-10v Devices
  8. Setting Up eMail & Text Alerts

Ecotech Marine Vortechs & Radions

  1. Using the Ecosmart Live App
  2. Connecting Your Vortechs
  3. Vortech Positioning
  4. Maximizing Your Vortech
  5. Getting the Most Out of Your Vortech Pumps
  6. Mounting your Radions
  7. Radion Diffusers vs T5
  8. Recommended Radion Settings
  9. Connecting Radions to Apex (Newer)
  10. Connection Radions to Apex (Classic)