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Ultimate Refugium Starter Pack (Large) - Algae Barn

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The Ultimate Refugium Starter Pack by AlgaeBarn includes everything you need to cycle, start, and seed a healthy refugium for you Saltwater Aquarium in two easy shipments, sent one week apart. See below for more information.

Large: For sumps 10gal-19gal with refugium section of 6-10gal
TurboStart™ 900 4oz x2
MarinePure™ 2″ Cubes x40
5280Pods™ 16oz x2
OceanMagik™ 16oz x2 (1x doser bottle, 1x refill bag)
CleanCheato™ 1/4lb

Shipping: Live Foods Ship on Select Days & Have a 100% Arrive Alive Guarantee

Shipment 1: Turbo Start 900 4oz x2, Marine Pure Blocks x40
Shipment 2 (sent one week later): 5280 Pods 16oz x2 OceanMagik 16oz x2, Clean Cheato 1/4lb

The Ultimate Refugium Starter Pack by AlgaeBarn:

Everything you need to set up, start and seed a healthy refugium in 2 easy shipments.

Setting up a new refugium? Looking to establish a copepod population in your tank? This hand-selected package is designed to make that simple and easy. The first shipment contains MarinePure Cubes and TurboStart 900 Live Nitrifying Bacteria to cycle your tank. The second shipment is sent one week later and contains our 5280 Pods three species live copepod blend, OceanMagik Live Phytoplankton to keep them fed, and CleanChaeto Live Chaeto Macro Algae for nutrient export. All Ultimate Refugium Starter Packs qualify for FREE Shipping. Here’s a closer look at what’s included:

Shipment 1:

MarinePure Biofiltration Ceramic Media: An ultra porous ceramic media that allows water to flow through it and has an unparalleled amount of surface area providing an ideal environment for beneficial nitrifying bacteria and copepod populations.

Fritz Aquatics Turbo Start 900 Live Nitrifying Bacteria for Saltwater: A super concentrated blend designed to contain all of the strains of beneficial nitrifying bacteria necessary to seed and cycle your saltwater aquarium making it safe for copepods, phytoplankton, macro algae and other livestock.

Shipment 2: Ships one week later 

Clean Chaeto Live Chaetomorpha Macro Algae: We treat, quarantine, and inspect all of our CleanMacro macro algae to ensure your refugium gets off to healthy parasite and pest free start. Macro algae also provides an excellent habitat for copepods, zooplankton, and other beneficial microfauna.

5280 Pods™ Live Copepods: A three species blend of over 5,280+ tigriopus, tisbe, and apocyclops copepods of all sizes and life stages for maximum zooplankton diversity designed to seed and establish your tank with a healthy and diverse copepod population.

OceanMagik™ Live Pyhytoplankton Blend: A nutritious blend of four strains of live phytoplankton designed to give your copepods, corals, and filter-feeding inverts a healthy and complete diet.

Ultimate Refugium Starter Pack Size Guide:

Small: For nano, all-in-on, or HOB refugium tanks
Turbo Start 900™ 1oz x1
MarinePure™ 2″ Cubes x5
5280Pods™ 16oz x1
OceanMagik™ 8oz Doser Bottle x1
CleanCheato™ Macro Algae 1/16lb

Medium: For sumps up to 10gal with refugium section of 2.5-5gal
Turbo Start 900™ 4oz x1
MarinePure™ 2″ Cubes x20
5280Pods™ 16oz x1
OceanMagik™ 16oz x1
CleanCheato™ 1/8lb

Large: For sumps 10gal-19gal with refugium section of 6-10gal
TurboStart™ 900 4oz x2
MarinePure™ 2″ Cubes x40
5280Pods™ 16oz x2
OceanMagik™ 16oz x2 (1x doser bottle, 1x refill bag)
CleanCheato™ 1/4lb

XL: For sumps 20gal+ with refugium section of 11+gal
TurboStart™ 900 16oz x1
MarinePure™ 2″ Cubes x80
5280Pods™ 64oz 22,000+ Pods x1
OceanMagik™ 64oz x1
CleanCheato™ 1/2lb


Shipment 1:

  1. Rinse MarinePure in RODI water until it runs clear then add MarinePure Cubes to refugium, sump, overflow box, etc.
  2. Turn off skimmer and add TurboStart 900 Live Nitrifying Bacteria to refugium, display tank, or any other high flow area. This will introduce and establish the beneficial bacteria colonies necessary to cycle your tank and make it safe to introduce the copepods, phytoplankton, and macro algae. A small amount of fish food should be added to the tank to provide a food source (ammonia) for the nitrifying bacteria, allowing them to multiply and “cycle” the tank.

Shipment 2 (Sent one week later:

  1. Add CleanChaeto Live Macro Algae to refugium area under an adequate light source. Follow directions on product label and discard any bag water.
  2. Remove filter socks, turn off pumps and skimmer, add entire bag(s) of 5280Pods™ Live Copepods to refugium area. Some may also be added to the display tank if desired. Follow instructions on product label for best results when adding copepods. Do not put the pods in the fridge, instead, keep them at room temp between 55-80 with the lid off.
  3. Begin dosing OceanMagik Live phytoplankton blend at 5ml per 20gal per day to keep the copepods fed and reproducing in your refugium/ tank. Store unused portion in fridge.

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