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NEW SERIES! - Hilary's New RED SEA Reefer!

In this new series, Hilary will walk us through the set-up of the brand-new Red Sea tank she received after two of her aquarium tanks were damaged in her move across states. Join us as she gives an overview and her considerations when choosing a new model, including why you should consider fish selection and tips for tank selection for those who travel often.

  • Reefer-S 1000 G2+ System (210 Gal) White - Red Sea

    Reefer-S 1000 G2+ System (210 Gal) White - Red Sea

    Red Sea

    The G2 Reefers come with new and improved water management, extra-fortified cabinets & aquariums, a REEF-SPEC ReefMat® ready sump, extended warranty plans, and are available in a huge variety of sizes, to fit any space.  REEFER G2...