220g Mixed Reef Tank


In this episode of Mr. Saltwater Reacts, Mark takes a look at a 220-gallon mixed reef, open-top tank. Join us as we review the set-up of this tank, taking a closer look at everything from the semi-aggressive livestock (Lemon Peel Angels, Domino Damsels, Maroon Clowns, and more!) to the great variety of both soft and hard corals. We’ll also offer a few tips on bubble corals and how to protect your tank’s power when working in a limited space.


  • Seneye Home Aquarium Monitor - Seneye

    Seneye Home Aquarium Monitor - Seneye


    Ever lost a fish and not know why? Ever experience new tank syndrome and wished there was a way of knowing when the water is safe for your fish? With a seneye Home it’s now possible for even the most inexperienced fish keeper to be successful and...