Apex A3

NEPTUNE A3 APEX - Mr. Saltwater Tank - Raw, Uncut and First Impressions

In this episode of our series, Mr. Saltwater Tank - Raw, Uncut, and First Impressions (RUF), Mark will look at the Neptune Systems A3 Apex. Join us as we unbox this brand-new product, share our thoughts and how we'd use it, and compare it to previous versions of the Apex system.

  • A3 Apex Jr Aquarium Monitor (A3JRSYS) - Neptune Systems

    A3 Apex Jr Aquarium Monitor (A3JRSYS) - Neptune Systems

    Neptune Systems

    The A3 Jr is a Monitoring Only solution.  You can not turn anything on or off with it straight out of the box.  It becomes a full controller however as soon as you add a Powerbar.  To make it a full controller just buy an Energy Bar...