Phosphate Removal

  • Phosphat-E-Liquid Phosphate Remover 2L -Brightwell

    Phosphat-E-Liquid Phosphate Remover 2L -Brightwell

    Overview Begins to eliminate reactive phosphate immediately upon addition to aquarium. Safe for all inhabitants of reef and marine fish-only aquaria. Each ml eliminates 1 ppm phosphate in 4 US-gallons of water(250 ml treats 1,000 US-gal). Helps...
  • Liquid Phosban-L (1 Gallon) - Two Little Fishies

    Liquid Phosban-L (1 Gallon) - Two Little Fishies

    Two Little Fishies

    Got a little phosphate problem? You can solve that in a hurry with PhosBan GFO granular ferric oxyhydroxide. But if your phosphate problem is more than 0.5 ppm you can use our new little solution, PhosBan-L, a highly concentrated liquid containing...