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Waterbox IC LOOP Black 100 Gallon 48" Complete Aquarium Bundle


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This bundle was created as a one stop beginner budget friendly aquarium package that includes everything you need except fish & corals to create an amazing saltwater aquarium.  We've considered this a number of times over the years and never felt like there was a good budget friendly option for aquariums and equipment until now.  Waterbox Aquarium, Current USA IC LOOP Lights & Flow, Skimmer by Bubble Magus, Heater by Finnex, Salt by Fritz, ATO by Pac Sun, Real Reef Rock & a Vertex Puratek RODI Unit.  Yes there are some higher end options that you can upgrade to at any time, this will give you a great start with equipment that's budget friendly and reliable to join the most amazing hobby that exists.  Saltwater Aquariums are simply awe inspiring.    

The Aquairum & Stand - Waterbox Platinum 135.4

Waterbox Platinum Series range from 39 to 133 Gallons. WATERBOX designs and creates aquatic environments for your home. We deliver unique hand-crafted aquariums that help simplify the process of setting up an aquarium. And we make them with great passion.  The WATERBOX platinum, cube and duo series are designed to make purchasing an aquarium for beginners up to professional aquarists simplified. Each Aquarium is water tested and designed by professional engineers with over 15 years experience.

Display Tank: 98.9 Gallons
Sump Volume: 33.9 Gallons
Total Volume: 133 Gallons
Cabinet Height: 34”
Footprint: 48” x 24” x 21”

Waterbox Aquariums All Ship Directly from the Manufacture/Distributor in Florida.  Please allow 1-2 days to pallet and arrange freight shipping.  The rest of the equipment & supplies will ship separately from PA/AZ.

Equipment List Includes:

  1. 98.9 Gallon Low Iron Glass Rimless Aquarium
  2. UV Coated Waterproof Stand/Cabinet
  3. In Cabinet All Glass Multi Chamber Sump w/Dual Filter Socks & Evaporation Lid
  4. External Overflow Box
  5. Plumbing Kit - Schedule 80 plumbing
  6. 2x - Current USA IC LOOP LED Aquarium Lights (Model 4220 - 92 Watts)
  7. 2x - Current USA Orbit Mounting Brackets
  8. 1x - Current USA Power Center
  9. 1x - Current USA eFlux DC Return Pump (1900 GPH DC Adjustable)
  10. 2x - Current USA eFlux Wave pumps (1050 GPH)
  11. 1x - Bubble Magus Curve 5 Protein Skimmer (Rated up to 140 Gallon)
  12. 1x - Finnex 800 Watt Titanium Heater w/Digital Controller (Rated 140-265 Gallon)
  13. 1x - Pacific Sun Sentry ATO

Water & Aquascaping List Includes:

  1. 1x - 200 Gallon Box of Fritz RPM Salt
  2. 1x - Box of 60 lbs of Real Reef Rock
  3. 1x - Generic Refractometer for Salinity Testing
  4. 1x - Puratek 100GPD RODI unit with Booster Pump
  5. 1x - 100 ml Bottle of Seachem Stability
  6. 1x - New Aquarium Owners Bundle - Full of Samples, Tshirts, etc.



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