3-29 Reefkeeping Q&A

Kessil A500X, Tips for Rainbow BTAs and Clown Tang Removal & More!- Reef Keeping Q & A Session w/Mr Saltwater Tank!

Join us for another Live Reefkeeping Q&A with Mr. Saltwater Tank. Find Answers To The Many Questions We Fielded Using the Time Stamps Below:

0:00 - Start of Video
11:29 - Livestream Begins
14:23, 42:16 - Kessil A500X - First Look!
19:46 - What to do if water turned orange when too much food was poured into tank?
31:05 - Fish Acclimation - adding more fish safely to your tank
37:18 - Tips on lowering nitrates
40:10 - Do you recommend copepods?
44:37 - Opinion on Maroon clownfish
45:51 - How do to remove Rainbow BTAs off of rock?
48:02 - Tips for removing clown tang from your tank
51:36 - When is a good time to start using Zeovit?
54:29 - Success running a gfo reactor?

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