Trace Elements

  • MCP Test Kit Marine Master Care - Red Sea

    MCP Test Kit Marine Master Care - Red Sea

    Red Sea

    Easy-to-use tests for the accurate monitoring of all of the important parameters during the biological maturation of marine and reef aquariums NH3/NH4 | NO3 | NO2 | pH | KH Red Sea Marine Care Test Kit is Complete multi-test pack including all of...
  • Hanna HI702 High Range Copper Checker (Saltwater) - Hanna Instruments

    Hanna HI702 High Range Copper Checker (Saltwater) - Hanna Instruments

    Hanna Instruments

    The HI702 Checker®HC (Handheld Colorimeter) is a simple, accurate, and cost effective way to measure copper in your saltwater aquarium. Designed as a more accurate alternative to chemical test kits, the HI702 provides quick, accurate results in a...
  • Ammonia (NH3) Test Kit - Salifert

    Ammonia (NH3) Test Kit - Salifert


    For Fresh and Saltwater Ammonia and ammonium are substances which should be converted rapidly into nitrite followed by nitrate and nitrogen gas.If this does not happen then the aquarium is not fully cycled or biological processes are not proceeding as...
  • Nitrite (N02) Test Kit - Salifert

    Nitrite (N02) Test Kit - Salifert


    Features:Nitrite is a substance that is toxic to fish and invertebrates.It is a misconception that once a tank is through its cycle (first 3 or 4 weeks) that nitrite has vanished.Many nitrite test kits suffer from interference by amines (such as...
  • Potassium Reef Test - Salifert

    Potassium Reef Test - Salifert


    Salifert test kits have been trusted by discerning reefers for years for their ease of use and reliability.  Many reefers will report loss of coloration in corals when potassium level start to drop below 360 ppm. Potassium levels in natural...
  • Copper Test Kit (50 Tests) - Salifert

    Copper Test Kit (50 Tests) - Salifert


    This test can be used to measure any ionic copper in your source water or to monitor copper levels during parasite treatments. The test kit includes a test cylinder and reagent, plus a color chart to measure the copper, accurate to 0.05 PPM. It can be...
  • Iodine (I2) Test Kit - Salifert

    Iodine (I2) Test Kit - Salifert


    Trust your aquarium to Salifert.This test will accurately measure the form of iodine found in seawater, iodate.  Salifert's wide range of available tests have all been designed to detect the smallest traces of certain elements, without interference...
  • Marine Test Kit Nitrite & Nitrate - Red Sea

    Marine Test Kit Nitrite & Nitrate - Red Sea

    Red Sea

    This combined test kit provides either 160 nitrite or 100 nitrate plus 60 nitrite advanced colorimetric tests for marine aquariums. This kit is essential during the maturation of all marine and reef aquariums and is suitable for...
  • Copper Test Kit (90 Tests) - API

    Copper Test Kit (90 Tests) - API


    Copper Test Kit Copper – a treatment for many parasitic infections – must be monitored in an aquarium or a pond. The copper level can drop too low for the treatment to be effective, or can increase to a point that is detrimental to fish...
  • Strontium (Sr) Test Kit - Salifert

    Strontium (Sr) Test Kit - Salifert


    Trust your aquarium to Salifert. This test kit will measure ionically free strontium and complex, important for the accelerated growth of corals.  Salifert test kits are the epitome of accuracy and precision.  The sharp, contrasting color...
  • Copper (Cu) Test Kit - Elos

    Copper (Cu) Test Kit - Elos


    The ELOS Copper Test Kit combines ease-of-use, with laboratory-grade precision. It can be used to detect copper or to measure residual copper levels before and after using copper cures in fish-only aquariums. Also, great for testing tap or source water...
  • Nitrite (NO2) Test Kit - Elos

    Nitrite (NO2) Test Kit - Elos


    Biological filtration is a method that uses naturally occurring nitrifying bacteria to detoxify nitrogenous wastes. One type of bacteria (Nitrosomonas spp.) converts ammonia to nitrite while another naturally occurring bacteria (Nitrobacter spp.)...
  • Ammonia/Ammonium (NH3/4) Test Kit - Elos

    Ammonia/Ammonium (NH3/4) Test Kit - Elos


    Ammonia (NH3) is toxic to corals, invertebrate and fishes. At high pH level (as in a marine aquarium) and at increased temperatures, NH3 can kill the aquarium inhabitants. In freshwater aquaria its optimal level should be below 0,1 mg/lt. In marine...
  • Hardness (GH) Test Kit (40 Tests) - ASF

    Hardness (GH) Test Kit (40 Tests) - ASF


    This test kit is designed for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums, ponds, and turtle enclosures. The kit provides fast, easy, and accurate measurements. Each kit includes a micro-syringe to ensure accurate testing. Multiple tests are included in...
  • GH Liquid Test Kit - Fritz Aquatics

    GH Liquid Test Kit - Fritz Aquatics

    Fritz Aquatics

    East to Read Instructions Essential for a Healthy Tank Accurate in Freshwater About Fritz Liquid Test Kits - GH General hardness (GH) is commonly overlooked in many aquariums, but this parameter plays a very important role in your...
  • Copper Liquid Test Kit (Up to 90 Tests) - Fritz Aquatics

    Copper Liquid Test Kit (Up to 90 Tests) - Fritz Aquatics

    Fritz Aquatics

    Accurate in both Fresh and Saltwater Essential when Medicating with Copper-based Treatments Measures Free and Total Copper About Fritz Liquid Test Kits - Copper Copper is commonly used in aquariums to treat external parasitic infections,...