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Hardness (GH) Test Kit (40 Tests) - ASF

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Hardness (GH) Test Kit (40 Tests) - ASF
Hardness (GH) Test Kit (40 Tests) - ASF
Hardness (GH) Test Kit (40 Tests) - ASF
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Hardness (GH) Test Kit (40 Tests) - ASF
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  • This test kit is designed for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums, ponds, and turtle enclosures.
  • The kit provides fast, easy, and accurate measurements.
  • Each kit includes a micro-syringe to ensure accurate testing.
  • Multiple tests are included in the kit, so you can test when you need to.
  • These tests are manufactured and quality-tested in Europe.

The ASF SEATEST GH (Total Hardness) Fish Aquarium Water Test Kit will help you test your water for the amount of dissolved magnesium and calcium salts. These salts and magnesium help with the physiological processes of all plants and animals, and can stabilize the Alkalinity (KH) value. Testing the water regularly can help ensure that your tank is properly maintained for certain fish and plants—as they require differing levels based on where they naturally live. Each pack includes multiple tests so you can use them when needed.

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