Hydros Backup

Hydros BACKUP System - What To Do When Everything Melts Down! - Hydros Series

In this episode of our Hydros Series, Mark and Carlos from Hydros discuss what to do when everything melts down! Join us as we share how Hydros backup systems work and why redundancy is essential. Plus - watch as we go through a simulation to show just how easy these controllers make keeping your tank.

  • HYDROS Magnet Mount Temperature Sensor

    HYDROS Magnet Mount Temperature Sensor


    Requires a HYDROS System to operate The HYDROS Temperature Sensor is an easy and affordable way to prevent your aquarium water from becoming too cold or too hot. It monitors the water temperature in your aquarium so you can keep it within the safe...
  • HYDROS Control XP8 (Controller Only)

    HYDROS Control XP8 (Controller Only)


    Please note: CONTROL XP8 ONLY - Nothing else is included. Achieve Ultimate Security with the HYDROS Control XP8 Power Strip The HYDROS Control XP8 is an eight 120V AC outlet energy bar and can control eight HYDROS WiFi devices with individual power...
  • HYDROS Control X4 Aquarium (Controller Only) - Coralvue

    HYDROS Control X4 Aquarium (Controller Only) - Coralvue


    HYDROS Control 4 is a powerful and robust aquarium controller capable of performing all essential functions needed to maintain a healthy aquarium without the need for extra expensive modules. Set up is quick and easy, making this ideal for...
  • HYDROS Control XD Controller by Coralvue

    HYDROS Control XD Controller by Coralvue


    A HYDROS controller with 3 Universal Drive Ports dedicated to powering small 12V devices. Capable of driving cabinet LEDs, solenoids, ATO pumps, dosing pumps, and much more.  The Control XD is a compact yet powerful controller...