Advanced Outlet Configuration

ADVANCED Hydros Outlet Configuration w/Carlos - Hydros Series

In this episode of our Hydros Series, Mark joins Carlos from Coralvue for an advanced lesson in Hydros outlet configuration. Join us as we go through the alarm set-up process, step-by-step, with no coding necessary! Mark will also get tips on configuring the outlet to make his automatic fish-feeding process smoother and get help with his kalkwasser reactor.

  • HYDROS Power 4 WiFi Power Strip - Coralvue

    HYDROS Power 4 WiFi Power Strip - Coralvue


    * Requires a HYDROS Controller to Operate.  Will not operate standalone. The HYDROS Power 4 WiFi Power Strip is a smart power bar designed to work with the CoralVue HYDROS platform.  The Power 4 has 4 x 120V AC outlets and 4 x USB ports...
  • HYDROS Control XP8 (Controller Only)

    HYDROS Control XP8 (Controller Only)


    Please note: CONTROL XP8 ONLY - Nothing else is included. Achieve Ultimate Security with the HYDROS Control XP8 Power Strip The HYDROS Control XP8 is an eight 120V AC outlet energy bar and can control eight HYDROS WiFi devices with individual power...
  • HYDROS Control XS (Starter Kit) - Coralvue

    HYDROS Control XS (Starter Kit) - Coralvue


    A compact aquarium controller with 4 Universal Sense ports dedicated to measuring parameters. Starter Kit Includes: Control XS Unit, Power Supply, Temperature Sensor, 4-Outlet WiFi AC Power Strip The HYDROS Control XS Starter Kit...
  • HYDROS Control X3 / XP8 PRO Pack

    HYDROS Control X3 / XP8 PRO Pack


    The HYDROS Control X3 Pro Pack includes two Control devices, the Control XP8 and Control X3. Combine these Controls to create a secure and impressive set-up for both saltwater and freshwater aquariums. Connect up to two sensors such as...
  • HYDROS Launch Aquarium Controller

    HYDROS Launch Aquarium Controller


    The HYDROS Launch is a multifaceted aquatic support system that combines various features into a single controller. It's an all-in-one solution that allows you to manage a wide range of aquarium functions easily. The HYDROS Launch...