Why Buy From Us?

Good Question.  Easy Answer - There are lots of online stores out there, WHY is Saltwater Aquarium different? 

Our story started in April 2011, I wanted to buy an Ecotech Marine MP40 for my first saltwater aquarium. It was an Oceanic 42 Hexagon that I still have today. The pump was like $400 and that was WAY WAY over my budget. I thought my better half would have killed me if I spent that much on a pump to just move water. So I called up Ecotech an opened a wholesale account.  Back then not very many people were selling MP40’s and there were a lot less restrictions. They were nice enough to give me a shot, so I bought 3 pumps. I put one on my tank and dropped the other 2 on eBay to make a quick buck. I had sold golf clubs and some other collectibles on eBay so I knew that pretty well. Little did I know what would happen next would change my life forever.
I went to work the next morning as normal. 9-5 in a 6’ by 6’ cubicle. I spent 15 years of my life in that cubicle in the end. It was a great job but I was inside all day on my butt.  Growing up a dairy farmers son, I didn't know what to expect.  That morning I got a popup/email from eBay, “Ship your Products Now!” and I was like WTF? Then I remembered, the pumps. So I rushed home at lunch packed them up on my lunch break, took them to the local post office and shipped them out.
Later that day I was sitting in that cubicle thinking, man that was easy so I bought 6x more pumps from Ecotech. Long story short, they sold over a weekend and I was hooked, line and sinker.  Not only was I selling stuff I loved, it was fun and I was making a few bucks and I had a REALLY COOL FISH TANK at home!  Kinda the point.  From there I found the domain name up for auction and won the bid. Having a degree in computer science and being a computer gaming dork all my life, World of Warcraft Ret Paladins FTW,  I found my new game and here we are today, still grinding for XP.
12 years and a hundred million dollars in sales later I’m doing what I love, helping customers have REALLY COOL fish tanks, having fun and providing our customers a great service where they can get their aquarium supplies FAST, FREE and from a trusted source where they know if they have an problem we have their back.  Thank you for Shopping Small Family Owned Business!
Thank you for considering Saltwater for all of your Aquarium needs!

Why Choose to Shop with Us?

  • Lots of Payment Options - Apple Pay, Affirm Financing, Google Pay, PayPal, Paypal Credit, All Major Credit Cards.  Lots of options to make it easy.
  • 3 Shipping Locations - We ship from PA, IL & AZ to help you get your stuff FAST!
  • Fast & Free Shipping - $39 Minimum for Free Shipping, Our Free Shipping option averages 2.3 days in transit.
  • Same Day Shipping - All Orders placed before 1 PM EST ship Same Day. Meaning your tracking will actually work the same day as your order.
  • Free Stuff - We offer tons of Free Samples, Shirts, Stickers and plenty more just for giving us your business!
  • 5% Cash Back Rewards - There are no Preferred Clubs or Groups to Join.
  • Military & Civil Service Discount - As a small token of our appreciation, we offer a Military & Civil Servant discount. A Bonus 5% Reward Points on 90% of what we carry. deeply appreciates all military men and women & first responders for their service.
  • Text Message 717.408.8337 Support - No one uses the phone anymore, just text us 717.408.8337. We will do our best to help!
  • Credit Card Security - We do not keep any Credit Card Numbers on File. Our checkout page is plugged directly into PayPal credit services so we don't even know your card number when you order. 
  • Website Security HTTPS - Our entire site is HTTPS Secure, not just the checkout page. Your entire browsing session is encrypted and secure. We have an ESV level SSL Certificate which includes business identity authentication, strong 256-bit encryption, 2048-bit root, $1.5M USD warranty & a GeoTrust dynamic Secured Seal trust mark.

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