Did You Know? We Ship from Multiple Warehouses

Did You Know? We ship from Multiple Warehouses in Pennsylvania, Arizona and now Chicago IL?

  1. Did you know we ship orders from 3 different warehouses in Pennsylvania, Arizona and now Chicago IL?
  2. Did you know a large portion of our orders from 2-10 lbs. ship UPS 2 Day Air by default? Thanks to a special UPS Small Business program? (Yes, the Free Shipping Option)
  3. Did you know that via UPS or FedEx the Entire State of Florida is a 3 Day shipment via ground from our PA warehouse? (Yes, the Free Shipping Option)
  4. Did you know, our Free Shipping Option averages 2.3 days average transit time from the time the label is printed until it's on your doorstep?
  5. Did you know we ship Fritz or Red Sea salt to the entire state of California in 2 days via our Free Shipping Option out of AZ?
  6. Did you know that since we are a family run small business we same day ship out 95% of our orders?  We try to ship out anything ordered by 1 pm EST the same day you order it.  Not just print the label but tracking actually works.

Pennsylvania Warehouse

Our Headquarters is in Pennsylvania where we have the ability to ship 90% of our Items.  This is where most of our staff lives and works.  This is home, born and raised.  There are only a few things we don't ship out of PA.  Red Sea Tanks, Reef Nutrition & Clean Up Crews.  Check out the map below and you will see almost the entire east coast is 2 days via UPS Free Ground shipping.  Pennsylvania all the way down to Georgia.  Florida is 3 days via UPS and FedEx.

Address: 1685 Fairfield Road STE C, Gettysburg PA 17325 - We do ALLOW pick up of select items at this location, please email us if you intend to pickup your order.


Arizona Warehouse

We also have the ability to ship 80% of the items we sell out of an Arizona Warehouse.  This is also where all our Red Sea Aquariums are stored and shipped, we don't drop ship them from Red Sea like the other guys.  What's great about that is the almost the entire state of California for example is a 2 Day shipment with UPS.  So Fritz or Red Sea salt to California, it should be there in 2 days for FREE.  There are a few brands that do not currently ship out of Arizona, Neptune Systems, Ecotech Marine and Hanna for instance.  Those brands ship out of Pennsylvania but often ship Free 2 Day UPS Air.

We do not allow pickup at this location.


Chicago Warehouse

Chicago is a new warehouse we opened this January but didn't tell anyone about yet.  We are currently shipping heavy things out of there, Salt, Rocks, Sand, Innovative Marine fish tanks.  We are slowly stocking it up based on what customers in the area purchase from us.  Fritz, Red Sea, Tropic Marin for example, we have the ability to ship from Chicago.  All of our Reef Nutrition Pods & Refrigerated foods ship out of Chicago via UPS 2 Day Air to anywhere in the lower 48 in 2 days.  We also ship all of our New Clean Up Crews from Chicago, all via UPS or FedEx Overnight shipping.  We do not ship any live goods or live & refrigerated foods via the US Postal Service, they are too slow.

Address: 22292 N Pepper Road Unit D, Lake Barrington IL 60010 - We do ALLOW pick up of select items at this location, including the Full Line of Reef Nutrition Live & Refrigerated Foods.  Please email us if you intend to pickup your order.