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Have you ever wondered if you should be adding supplements to your saltwater aquarium? There's no single answer that fits every situation. The answer actually depends solely on what types of marine life you have in your home aquarium. If you have a fish only tank and do regular small water changes, you probably don't need to add anything to the tank. But, if you have invertebrates or corals in your tank you might need to add supplements to keep them healthy and thriving.

Saltwater consists of numerous elements at various concentrations referred to as PPM, or Parts Per Million. Although high quality saltwater mixes are designed to mimic these ratios as closely as possible, different brands, types and mixes have different concentrations of some of these elements. All of the elements that are found in the oceans water are crucial in keeping your fish, coral and other marine life healthy. And, as your aquarium runs, some of these elements can become depleted.

The only way to get an accurate answer is to test your water. While there are some hardy species of marine life, most species of fish and other ocean animals are very sensitive to any changes in water conditions. Even the slightest imbalance can result in stressed fish and corals. Too much of some elements can even destroy the algae that is so vital to a successful saltwater aquarium. You should never add anything to your tank without accurate testing and careful consideration.

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