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B-Ionic Magnesium (1 Gallon) - ESV

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Through the chemical process known as "ion-pairing" magnesium ion concentration influences the saturation point for calcium carbonate in solution. In general the further the magnesium concentration drops from natural seawater levels (1350 ppm) the more difficult it becomes to maintain adequate levels of both calcium and alkalinity.

Dosing: Add 1.5 mL per gallon of aquarium capacity per day until a target level of 1200-1350 ppm magnesium is reached.

Magnesium also plays an important role in stabilizing pH by interacting with the buffer system of seawater.  B-Ionic Magnesium is an easy to use one component liquid supplement which when used with B-Ionic Calcium Buffer or kalkwasser will not disrupt the ionic balance of closed marine aquaria.  B-Ionic Magnesium does not contain nitrates phosphates organics or chelating agents.  B-Ionic Magnesium contains 36000 ppm magnesium and one mL will raise one gallon of aquarium water by 10 ppm.

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