Hydros Launch & Minnow

HYDROS Launch Aquarium Controller & Minnow Dosing Pump - Reefapalooza Orlando 2024

Join us at Reefapalooza Orlando 2024 as we talk to Carlos about the newest products from Hydros! We'll look at the new Launch, the perfect starting point for aquarium control, and the Minnow, their microliquid dosing pump and controller.

  • HYDROS Launch Aquarium Controller

    HYDROS Launch Aquarium Controller


    The HYDROS Launch is a multifaceted aquatic support system that combines various features into a single controller. It's an all-in-one solution that allows you to manage a wide range of aquarium functions easily. The HYDROS Launch...
  • HYDROS Minnow 2 Head Dosing Controller

    HYDROS Minnow 2 Head Dosing Controller


    The HYDROS Minnow features two independent micro-liquid dosing pumps for precise dosing of your preferred liquid supplements, including two-part and trace elements. This highly versatile controller can effortlessly handle essential...