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Do You Offer Free Shipping?

Yes!  We offer free shipping on the Majority of everything we sell, but with a minimum purchase order.  For example shipping is free on Dry Good Orders Over $39, Live & Refrigerated Foods Over $40, Live Animals, Corals, Fish, Inverts Over $179.  Frozen Food does not have a free shipping level and will always require a $29.99 surcharge.

My Shipment Arrived Dead or Damaged, What Now?

Dry Goods - Sometimes we break stuff when shipping, it's an unfortunate part of the process.  If something arrived to you damaged, please email with your order number and photos of the damages within 24 hours of receiving your package.  

Live Animals, Inverts & Corals

All live animals & corals have an arrive alive guarantee only.  We must be notified with your order number and a photo/video of the dead animals within 12 hours of FedEx marking your order delivered.  All refunds given for live animals are done in the form of store credit.  We do not reship/replace an order unless more then half of the order has an issue.  We do not cover any shipping costs for replacement orders unless your entire order is DOA. FedEx delays due to weather or mechanical failure which result in loss may not be covered under our guarantee.

The following applies to our Guarantee:

  • Email us with a clear picture of the deceased coral or video of the fish within 12 hours of the delivery time posted by FedEx.
    • DO NOT remove the coral from the frag plug or guarantee is void.
    • DO NOT discard or ship the specimen back to us without authorization, doing so will void the guarantee.
    • DO NOT refuse the shipment if box is leaking or appears damaged or our guarantee is void.
    • Our Guarantee applies to shipments only, not local pickup.
    • It is up to our discretion to void your guarantee if we believe your tank is not in suitable conditions to keep your animals alive and healthy.
    • Any order cancellations will be credited for 1 year or refunded with a 20% restocking fee.
    • At this time we offer an arrive alive guarantee all live animals, inverts & corals.

Live Animal Reshipment Fee -

How do Freebies Work - I Forgot My Freebie

Freebies are free gifts that are discounted to the cost of $0.00 when the total amount of items in your cart reaches a certain spending threshold.  For example, if you have over $20 of items in your cart, you can add any item from this Free on $20 Orders category and the cost of the item will be $0.00.  There are different levels of freebie items based on your the total value of your shopping cart.  Click Here to see all the freebie spending levels.

If you forgot your free item, we cannot go back and add one.  You must select your free item before paying for your order in order to receive it.