Lost or Stolen Package Policy

If the shipping tracking number says a package has been delivered but you have not received your order, here is the procedure we follow:

1. First, we ask you to check with anyone else to receives mail at the shipping address and we ask that if possible to talk to your delivery person to see where they delivered the package.  This often solves the missing package issue.  We also ask that you check with your neighbors to see if they might have received it.

2. Second, we wait 2 business days for the package to show up from a delayed delivery, neighbor or other person who may have received it.

3. Next after 2 business days we open a lost package case with the carrier to see if the GPS location of the delivery scan matches the address you gave us on the order.

If the GPS delivery scan matches your address then it is assumed your responsibility for the lost package as we can prove delivery by GPS location to the correct address.  We do not reship orders if the GPS delivery scan matches the shipping address.  Please file a police report for stolen packages.

If the GPS delivery scan shows that the carrier did not deliver it to shipping address then we will reship your package ASAP with a signature required and file a missing package claim with the carrier on our end.