4-5 Reefkeeping Q&A

Radions vs. Kessil, Removing Algae, Best Clean-Up Crews & More! - Reef Keeping Q & A Session w/Mr Saltwater Tank!

Join us for another Live Reefkeeping Q&A with Mr. Saltwater Tank. Find Answers To The Many Questions We Fielded Using the Time Stamps Below:

0:00 - Livestream Starts
25:54 - Q&A Begins
27:26 - Advice for reefer losing the battle with hair algae even after trying Dr. Tim’s and Fluonazole with no luck.
29:02 - Hooking up a remote display tank
32:24 - Which fish were added to the tank this week
36:30 - Opinion on Sicce Pumps
38:15 - Thoughts on a four-day blackout to get rid of green algae vs. using chemicals
45:28 - Best clean up crew for sand maintenance?
48:46 - Upgrading lights on 200g mixed reef. Radion XR15 vs Kessil a360x?
52:22 - What’s the best way of removing cyano?
57:25 - ​Is adding 2 clowns and 3 cardinals too much for a 280 gallon tank?
58:40 - Will clams grow well under kessil 360WEs?
58:54 - ​What are the long white worm-like creatures appearing in my tank?
59:38 - ​How do you plan to avoid the clean tank / Dino possibility?
1:01:11 - Thoughts on upgrading to a larger tank in regards to floor support.
1:03:24 - Have you previewed the Neptune Sky? If so how does it compare to the newest Radion?
1:04:15 - ​Can I use low-iron glass on the top of my tank to reduce evaporation?

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