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Saltwater Subscriptions

Want to save $ on common aquarium items and food?  Are you always forgetting to change your filter media?  Then you need Saltwater Subscriptions in your life! Keep reading to learn some great tips on how to manage your order. And if you need some current subscriptions deals, I have some listed for you here!

What are Saltwater Subscriptions?

Our Subscription service is a program that rewards you with EXTRA discounts for signing up for products of your choice to be shipped to your home on a repeated basis.  For example if you want to change your carbon on a monthly basis, when you order just select the monthly option and every month it will show up at your door.  When you get it in the mail, just swap it out.  No need to set reminders or even bother with ordering!

How Do Subscriptions Work?

So, for example, we all need salt, right?  Go to, pick your favorite salt, then select how often you want it to be shipped to you and have it show up right at your door without even thinking about it.

If you run out of salt every 4 weeks, you can set it up so that once a month salt shows up to you! PLUS, with some items you get awesome discounts for products that you normally buy anyway!

Can You Cancel your Saltwater Subscriptions?

Another awesome thing about subscriptions is that you have full control to change your subscription! You can cancel orders at any time so there is never an obligation to order. Want to skip it one month? Go for it!

Also, unlike other monthly renewal services, with Subscriptions you can select different auto-ship timeframes. For example, if you need salt once a month, GFO every 2 months, and Bulk RODI Resin every 6 months, you’ll be able to set the specific time frame for each item. SO simple and super easy - shopping with is a no brainer :)

What Product Do You Want to Subscribe Too?

If your would like to sign up for a product on subscription but the option isn't available please let us know in the form below!