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Cash Back Rewards

Our Loyalty Rewards program just got a whole lot nicer!  We are now offering Cash Back.  Real Cash, Bacon, Bones, Cheddar, Dough, Greenbacks, Scratch, Coin, Loot you get the picture.  We are now offering a program that allows customers to turn their rewards points into real $ just by submitting the request for below.  The cash will be paid out via PayPal.  The program requirements are as follows.  If your are interested in converting your Rewards Points into Real Cash, please fill out the form below and you will be contacted by our customer service to complete the transaction.


  • Must have a PayPal Account to Participate
  • Payments are made in increments of $250.
  • There is a maximum of $250 per payment.
  • There is a maximum of 1 payment per month.
  • Maximum of $1000 cash back per calendar year.

Do all purchases qualify to earn Cash Back?
Almost every order qualifies to earn you cash back. However, there are a few restrictions that might partially or wholly disqualify an order from earning cash back:

  • No cash back on bonus payments such as signup bonuses or referral bonuses
  • No cash back rewards on Sales Tax
  • No cash back rewards on Shipping costs
  • No cash back rewards on any portion of a purchase paid with:
    • Non-Coupon offers
    • Gift certificates
    • Store Credit
  • Usually no cash back rewards on the purchase of gift certificates or gift cards
  • Most auction purchases do not qualify for cash back rewards
  • Purchases made online but are picked up at the merchant store do not qualify for cash back rewards
  • Cash back is usually not valid on orders made by agents or resellers. They already receive a commission or earn a profit on the order.
  • Monthly deliveries do not qualify for cash back rewards unless the entire delivery period is paid for in advance
  • Any additional merchant cash back restrictions are posted on that merchant's page

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