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The way eBay's global shipping center works is when you purchase an item from eBay with an international address they ask us (the seller) to ship it to eBay's global shipping center in KY.  We ship your item to eBay's global shipping center and then they are responsible for the rest of your item's journey including all customs forms and import charges. After it arrives in KY we are no longer responsible for the order and do not have tracking for the international portion of the trip.


This is the address for eBay's global shipping center.

ERLANGER, KY 41025-2501 US

International Tracking

After your item arrives in KY the transaction is done on our part.  We no longer have any tracking or responisblity for item delivery.  To figure out where your item is you will need to log into your eBay account and check or contact eBay directly.

The Shipping Process

After receiving your payment, the seller ships your item to a local US or UK shipping center.

International shipping experts at the shipping center process the package, complete customs forms, pay applicable import charges, and ship the package to the address that you specified at the time of purchase.

Items that ship through the Global Shipping Program generally arrive within one week of departing the US or UK shipping center.

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