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COVID Operational Status

Posted by Ken Brown ,Mar 31st 2020
COVID Operational Status

As the number of questions about our operational status mount, we feel now is a good time to calm the fears of our customer base. We are deemed an essential business by the state of PA as our business is important to the life support of our pets. We are classified by the State of PA as a Nonstore Retail, Electronic Shopping and Mail Order house. We are operational and will continue to ship orders as long as the shipping lanes of UPS, Fedex & USPS continue to operate.

With the COVID-19 global pandemic continuing to evolve, we felt it was important to share a brief summary of the Business Continuity Program being implemented at In addition to the safety and well being of our employees, our top priority is to ensure that we continue to provide exceptional, uninterrupted service to you, our customers. We pride ourselves on fast & free shipping services and will continue to push what's possible in today's environment. We are still shipping all orders SAME DAY by 1 PM EST. We are working with our vendor partners to make sure the products you want are in stock, and arrive to you in the fastest, safest means possible.

What is Saltwater doing for our Customers?

Your safety is important to us especially at this time of global stress. Our goal is to ensure that you are protected and at the same time for you to be able to receive your orders in a timely manner. We are taking every precaution in the warehouse and shipping including, quarantining of new freight deliveries, frequent sanitation of surfaces, carts, shelves, tape guns, door handles, all surfaces. Staff limits and social distancing are also in effect.

What are our Carriers Doing?

Additional efforts are being done by the carriers handling our deliveries. Note that the precautionary measures carriers are doing is not limited to the list below.

  • Closely monitoring COVID-19 updates from the World Health Organization (WHO), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the like.
  • Increased disinfecting practices in all warehouses or common spaces.
  • Employees who have jobs that are non-essential to daily warehouse/freight operations now working from home to limit contact.
  • Cancelled employee business travel and visits from any external representatives.
  • Postponing deliveries to locations with high concentration of COVID-19 cases or locations confirmed locked down.
  • Monitoring the health of the active delivery personnel.

Thank You All for Supporting Us!