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RODI Flood Guardian = Game Changer

About once or twice a year a product will be released that is a game changer in the industry.  For 2019, this is it.  This device is what I've been looking for for years.  Basically it's an optical sensor that can go on virtually any bucket/trashcan/etc via magnet that will shut off your RODI when the water reaches the sensor.  That's it.  

In the end it saves your floors from being flooded using a simple magnetic optical sensor & solenoid.

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Keep it simple and prevent the #2 killer of the aquarium hobby.  Water on floor, have you ever left your RODI on and forgot about it?  No problem now, just put one of these bad boys on your water line/bucket and you will have flood protection.

Optionally, use the RO/DI Flood Guardian with a 7-day timer to automatically refill your ATO reservoir. Simply program the timer to turn on once every 1-7 days and the system will refill your reservoir based on your timer settings. No more TDS Creep!

  • World’s first and only electronic float valve kit
  • Prevents unwanted floods when making RO or RO/DI water
  • Installs & uninstalls in seconds
  • Magnetic-mount sensor – no drilling needed
  • Dual-Optical Sensor for extra security
  • Easily moves from one reservoir to another (brute, jug, bucket, tank, etc…)
  • Safe, low 12V voltage
  • Works in complete darkness

Buying a Waterbox or Redsea Reefer, What Else is Needed?

One of the most common questions we get is, I would like to buy a Reefer or Waterbox.  What else do I need to get this thing setup and going?Well, that's a loaded question.  But here are the basics:You Must Have Heater - Warms the water.  Make sure it's rated to or above the total [...]

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Setting Up Amazon Alexa to Work With Apex Fusion

How do I set up Alexa to work with APEX Fusion? A: It takes just a minute to setup the APEX Fusion skill and link your Amazon and APEX Fusion accounts. 1. Sign into your Amazon account using the applicable Alexa web app for your region (,,, or You may also use the [...]

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What's the Deal Apex EL ($499) vs Apex WIFI ($799)

New from Neptune Systems. The Apex EL. EL (Entry Level). A lower cost option to the Apex WFI often referred to as gold. This system will give you access to the Apex world for under $500 bucks. You get everything you need to get started with all the great [...]

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Hurricane Proofing Your Aquarium (Surviving Power Outages)

Power outages suck when you have an aquarium.  We hate hurricane season!  After heater failures, power outages are #2 killer of aquariums and fish.  For fish & corals power outages can be very deadly.The best way to survive a power outage is don't have one.  If your going to invest time, money and effort into [...]

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We No Longer Carry Innovative Marine Products

Why You Ask?  It's a combination of a number of things to be honest. We really want our customers to trust us when it comes to the supplies they buy from us. We aren't planning on selling every product under the sun just to make a quick buck. We want our customers to have success [...]

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Inside the Smart Buddie Booster Pump - Aquatic Life

A look into the Smart Buddie Booster Pump internals. Top view of the Smart Buddies shows from left to right, the High Pressure switch, the Auto Flush Valve and Flow Restrictor combination and the Shut Off valve and Low Pressure switch. The Booster pump is located under the top switches. The [...]

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HI758 Hanna Checker Troubleshooting Tips

Calcium Checker Troubleshooting Tips  Never rinse your cuvettes with tap water or saltwaterUse pure vapor distilled water from your local pharmacy at C1 phase. RODI water from home filtration units may not be suitable for this test as calcium can easily permeate through your filter membranes. Even though your TDS meter may read "zero" that [...]

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Neptune System Trident FAQ

Trident FAQ The Trident is based on a alkalinity testing technology we acquired from Jim Welsh a few months after MACNA 2016 and, with Jim's continued help, we have made incredible leaps forward from just testing Alkalinity. The Trident automates the testing of Alkalinity, Calcium, and Magnesium. There have been many questions and rumors since we announced [...]

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Klir Fleece Filter FAQ

Q. How much flow can the Klir handle? A. The flow capacity is related to the thickness of fleece you choose as well as how much tray you have exposed. As the tray is extended, it will be able to handle more flow. Q. Does the used fleece smell? A. Amazingly NO! Unlike filter socks, the fleece material [...]

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