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Hurricane Proofing Your Aquarium (Surviving Power Outages)

Power outages suck when you have an aquarium.  We hate hurricane season!  After heater failures, power outages are #2 killer of aquariums and fish.  For fish & corals power outages can be very deadly.

The best way to survive a power outage is don't have one.  If your going to invest time, money and effort into keeping an aquarium you should invest in a generator.  A generator is the best way to survive a hurricane or potential power outages.  Honda makes a few very nice & quiet suitcase models that we would recommend, but they are a little pricey.  Please make sure to have plenty of gas on hand to handle an extended period.

If you don't have the means to a generator your next best option is battery power.  Battery powered air pumps & battery backups for your pumps can go a long way when trying to save your fish in a power outage.

A 3rd option is a UPS.  You can buy these most places, staples, walmart, etc.  They are often used to keep computers and routers running during small power spikes but can work great at keeping an air pump/stone running.

A Few Tips & Tricks to Help

  1. Don't feed your fish, avoid feeding your fish doing a power outage and creating waste.  Fish can easily survive 3-5 days without food.
  2. If you know a storm is coming, do a large water change before it hits.  50% of your volume.  That will help negate the effects of having no filtration for a few hours, days.
  3. Temp - Depending on where you live either have blankets to wrap you aquarium to keep it warm or freeze some 1 liter bottles of RO water to float in the tank to help keep it cool.