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Sicce Replacement Skimmer Pump, Which One to Choose?

Posted by Ken Brown ,May 24th 2019
Sicce Replacement Skimmer Pump, Which One to Choose?

Below is a list of SICCE Replacement skimmer pumps and the models of skimmers across multiple brands that will fit/run their skimmers.  SICCE engineered their skimmer pumps SK & PSK from the ground up to run with maximum efficiency, low heat and reliability to produce pumps that are beyond compare. Every component of the entire pump, not just the impeller, is designed specifically for protein skimmer applications. This is what SICCE engineers call “AIR QUALITY”! Because the pumps are designed specifically for skimmer use, they offer the most efficient air mix ratio. The hydraulic and the mix of water to air flow is optimized for the intake and the pre-chamber design.

SE 200

Wattage: 40w Air Draw:400 L/H (14 SCFH)* GPH:105

  1. Eshopps S-120
  2. Eshopps X-120
  3. Eshopps PSK 75H HOB
  4. Eshopps PSK 100H HOB
  5. Bubble Magus Curve 5 Elite
  6. Icecap K2-50

PSK 400

  1. Eshopps PSK-150
  2. Vertex Omega 130
  3. Vertex Omega 150

PSK 600

Voltage: 120v/60Hz Wattage: 40w Air Draw: 600 L/H (21 SCFH)* GPH: 247*

  1. Eshopps X-160
  2. Bubble Magus Curve 7 Elite
  3. Reef Octopus: XS160 (Extreme/Diablo)
  4. IceCap: K2-160
  5. Eshopps PSK-200
  6. Red Sea Reefer RSK 300* (Dedicated Impeller on OEM)

PSK 1000

Voltage: 120v/60Hz Wattage: 67w Air draw: 720 L/H (25 SCFH)* GPH: 370*

  1. Eshopps S-200
  2. Eshopps PSK-200
  3. Reef Octopus: XS 160 (Diablo/Extreme)
  4. IceCap: K2-200
  5. Red Sea Reefer RSK 600* (Dedicated Impeller on OEM)
  6. Skimz Kone SK184

PSK 1200

  1. Eshopps S-300
  2. Eshopps X-350
  3. Bubble Magus Curve 9 Elite
  4. Red Sea Reefer RSK 900* (Dedicated Impeller on OEM)
  5. Skimz Kone SK254
  6. Skimz Kone SK204