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Stocking Strategy - Part 1 - Livestock Series

Designing your system can be fun, picking your fish is the best part of setting up a new saltwater tank. In this video we will cover stocking strategies based on what type of tank you ant to set up and what is possible. We will cover how many fish you can keep and why, bioloads, the tang police, utility fish, sifters, grazers, glamor fish without the bill, swimming locations, FOWLR & Reef Tanks.

► Get your spouse involved when picking fish, go window shopping together! It will help him/her help support your efforts.
► The inch per gallon is only a starting point, not a hard and fast rule.

Grid List
  • 20 Gallon Quarantine Kit (Emergency/Acclimation) - Aqueon
    20 Gallon Quarantine Kit (Emergency/Acclimation) - Aqueon $149.00