FILTRATION Choices - Saltwater 700

In this episode of our series, Saltwater 700, we'll discuss our choices for filtration, including hang-on-the-back filter vs. sump, filter socks vs. roller mat, and refugium placement. We'll also share why, when choosing a refugium for a larger tank, you should look at the surface area instead of the water volume.

  • Quantum 300 Skimmer - NYOS

    Quantum 300 Skimmer - NYOS


    The NYOS® Quantum® 300 is an efficient and silent high performance skimmer for tanks up to 4.000 litres (1000 Gallons).    Pump: Quantum 5.0 x2    Air max.: 2x 2200 l/h (550 gal/h)    Power: 22 W...