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Hello Mobius - Goodbye EcoSmart Live!

Posted by Ken Brown ,Jun 16th 2020
Hello Mobius - Goodbye EcoSmart Live!

Vectra and VorTech are now compatible with Mobius.

EcoTech is now shipping all VorTech and Vectra pumps with Mobius firmware onboard.

  • Mobius firmware pumps will be identified with stickers on the boxes.
  • Mobius firmware pumps can be downgraded through the Mobius app to run with EcoSmart Live.  This is required to control the pumps via a Neptune Systems Apex WXM Module.
  • Published flow numbers are changing to more accurately describe actual flow produced by pumps however pump design and performance is not changing.
  • Existing pumps running ESL firmware pumps will be upgradeable through the Mobius app to Mobius firmware and compatibility in the near future.
  • ESL (EcoSmart Live) will continue to operate and be supported.
  • Physical on pump driver control is not changing. 

To accomplish firmware changeovers effectively please be aware/utilize the following.

  1. Expect firmware changeovers to take roughly 10 minutes per device.
  2. If updating make sure the device has the correct hardware to update - review EcoSmart Live under the devices tab to identify this.
  3. Follow app instructions and remove devices from EcoSmart or Mobius tanks in your profile, then factory reset devices. This will reduce the likelihood of interference when performing the update/rollback.
  4. Make sure your smart device will be able to remain in wireless range, is powered/has battery and will not shutdown/lock during the process.
  5. If your smart device can receive phone calls, put the device in airplane mode and then re-enable Bluetooth. This will prevent an incoming call from disrupting data transfer during the process.
  6. Be patient - some parts of the process may take several minutes and some devices may take longer than others.