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Need Aquarium Supplies?  We've Got an APP for that!

Being a small family owned business gives us the opportunity to use technology to bridge the gap, the digital divide. We can utilize technology to help bring the aquarium supplies you need in a faster, more convenient way then broadly searching the internet. Just touch the app icon on your phone and boom, the saltwater aquarium world is at your finger tips.  Happy Shopping!

How to Get the App?

With both IOS and Android shopping Apps available, just open the app store or google play and search "Saltwater Aquarium App" or "Saltwater Aquarium" or "", we should come up first or near the top.

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IOS APP Store Direct Link

Andriod Google Play Store

Why Use the App?

  1. Convenience - No need to search around google or the internet to find what you need.
  2. Speed - Finding products is way faster then even the mobile site, product pages load instantly.
  3. Notifications - Instant notifications for stuff you might actually care about, not spam.  Things like when Trident Reagents or Hanna High Range Nitrate Reagents are restocked after being out of stock for months.
  4. First Access - First access to new products, fresh restocks and hard to find/source gear.
  5. Exclusive Discounts - We have lots of additional plans for APP user only discounts, sales & deals. 

What's Next?

We have lots of future plans for the APP if it's well received in the community and customers use it with regularity to make purchases.  Things like the integration of Apple Pay, Wishlist, Reviews, Extra Reward Points for Shopping with the APP, etc.

IOS Store

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Google Play Store

We offer both IOS and Android apps - To download the Android App Search "saltwater aquarium" or click -