How do Biopellets Work? 

Biopellets or Solid carbon dosing has recently become an extremely popular method of removing nitrates from saltwater aquariums. Most Biopellets are made primarily of a biodegradable polymer that promotes aerobic and anaerobic bacteria growth making it a viable carbon source to consume nutrients (NO3 and PO4) within the water column.  Similar to some of the traditional methods of dosing Vodka, vinegar or sugar as a carbon source.

By utilizing a media reactor filled with biopellets can change your tank!

  • Bulk Bio Pellets Nitrate Reducer (6 lbs -  1 Gallon)

    Bulk Bio Pellets Nitrate Reducer (6 lbs - 1 Gallon)

    Kolar Labs

    Reduce Nitrates and eliminate Algae problems with Solid Carbon Dosing. Pure PHA Bio Pellet Pearls! N+P reducing algae prevention. Metabolix is the original supplier of genuine pure Biopellets tested and created for the aquarium market. Real Pearl shaped...