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Clean Up Crews

Sand Sifting Starfish - Cleanup Crew

Sand Sifting Starfish - Cleanup Crew
Sand Sifting Starfish - Cleanup Crew
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Sand sifting starfish are a great addition to any reef tank and clean up crew.  They live in the sand bed and are constantly are searching for food and detritus to consume.  While they are searching they keep sifting your sand bad and mixing up the sand creating a healthy environment.

What do I mean by this? As sand-sifting starfish move through a sand bed, they consume any edible item they come across—and that’s not limited to uneaten fish food that you don’t want to decompose and foul your tank. In the process, they also gobble up all the micro fauna they encounter, such as worms, snails, tiny brittle stars and sea cucumbers, “pods,” etc.

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