5-10 Reefkeeping Q&A

LIVE:  CO2 Scrubbers, Starter Corals, CA Levels & More! Reef Keeping Q&A Session w/Mr Saltwater Tank!

Reefkeeping Q&A Session Live w/Mr. Saltwater Tank. Find Answers To The Many Questions We Fielded Using the Time Stamps Below:  

0:00 - Livestream Starts
2:25 - Do you feed anemones and how often? What would you recommend?
5:48 - how high do you recommend mounting a Philips Coral Care light?
7:08 - How do you feel about distilled water as opposed to RODI?
8:18 - Our 55 gallon tank is finally cycled. Going to get livestock this weekend. Any recommendations on some good starter fish?
10:05 - How many hours a day should carbon run?
11:15 - Do you think it’s worth chasing pH with a CO2 scrubber?
14:53 - Will Mimic Tangs be aggressive toward other tangs?
19:03 - What’s in the box behind your right shoulder?
21:54 - What would you suggest to remove Vermetid snails without removing the live rock?
22:57 - Do Lawnmower Blennies actually eat Green Hair Algae?
24:08 - How Is Mulligan Doing? Do you have advice on having one in your tank?
25:39 - Do Goniopora and Alveopora play nice next to one another?
26:32 - I have a Hammer Coral which has a lot of tissue loss from salinity swing (dumb ATO mistake) It is now two weeks out and it is still hanging in there (barely). Any care tips or tricks?
28:30 - I have a 40 gallon breeder tank. What kind of corals will be good to start with?
29:27 - Is 420 or 450 a better calcium level?
31:00 - Will a Tridacna Clam pull nitrates out of the water column?
31:57 - Is it OK to set up your tank with freshwater and then convert it later?

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