4-19 Reefkeeping Q&A

All About FISH! Wrasses, Foxfaces, & More! - Monday Q&A Livestream w/Mr. Saltwater Tank!

Join us for another Live Reefkeeping Q&A with Mr. Saltwater Tank. Find Answers To The Many Questions We Fielded Using the Time Stamps Below:

0:00 - Livestream Starts
5:38 - Can I borrow your Neptune Skys?
6:05 - Do you have any “ fish on the fringe” in your tank?
10:29 - Can you show the equipment under your tank?
12:22 - I am thinking about getting a Foxface but am a bit nervous as they are labeled venomous. How venomous are they?
15:02 - Using T5’s, what are your favorite bulbs?
16:55 - Low iron glass or standard glass?
21:18 - What is your favorite tang?
25:35 - Do I have to dip coral before adding them to the tank?
27:30 - How many fish in the tank?
28:06 - Do feeding schedules play a major part with fish on the fringe?
29:30 - Thoughts on acrylic tanks?
30:54 - I want to put a glass top on my tank due to jumpers and evaporation. Do I need to worry about gas exchange?
31:54 - Trying to start an aquarium program at the VA Medical serving vets with MH stressors as an alternate therapy
32:47 - Is it safe to use sand from the Atlantic Ocean?
33:35 - Thoughts on wrasses? Do you pair them or just keep males?
36:22 - What is the best beginner sea anemone?
37:10 - What is the best way to keep a Copperband Butterfly? I have a small case of Aiptasia and I've heard they help.

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