6-7 Reefkeeping Q&A

LIVE:  Fish Acclimation, Dosing & More! Reef Keeping Q&A Session w/Mr Saltwater Tank!

Reefkeeping Q&A Session Live w/Mr. Saltwater Tank. Find Answers To The Many Questions We Fielded Using the Time Stamps Below:

0:00 Livestream Begins
3:14 - Stages of an aquarium
3:58 - Would I be able to get by with 2 Skys on a 70x36x25 mixed reef?
7:14 - What pump would you recommend for a ¼ JBJ Chiller?
8:01 - Have you ever heard of adding lights to a small tank to increase phosphates?
8:47 - Why would zoa heads turn brown?
9:53 - Is it OK to change out your rock all at once?
11:20 - How many fish are in your tank?
11:54 - Talking tank size and enjoying what size tank you have.
13:24 - Any suggestions on a Storm Clown that bullies a Black Clown in my tank?
15:54 - If a friend who has cyano in their tank gives you some frags,what do you need to do to prevent cyano from getting into your tank?
17:13 - First reef tank (75 gallon) broke a seal on the bottom and I replaced the tank. Is there anything to do preemptively to give my corals the best chance?
20:15 - Your aquarium is just breathtaking. The fish are great, but I haven’t seen a blue tang.
21:24 - Thoughts on a Tailspot Blenny for a 20 gallon nano with two Ocellaris Clownfish and corals.
22:17 - Did the Personatus Angelfish go to a public or private aquarium?
23:26 - Have you ever dosed phytoplankton on any builds?
26:35 - Do you dose your tank with additives?
27:52 - Any recommendations for getting the spark back with reef tanks? I’ve had a reef for over 15 years and I catch myself not being as involved or interested as I once was.

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