120g Softie Tank

120 Gallon SOFTIE Saltwater Aquarium

In this episode of Mr. Saltwater Reacts, Mark reviews a 120 gallon softie tank. Join us as we offer our fish suggestions (rolland damsels! wrasses!) to help fill out this tank, as well as DIY cover solutions to keep jumping fish from escaping. We'll also make recommendations for refugium light placement and waterproof outlet covers.

  • Classic 200 INT Protein Skimmer - Reef Octopus

    Classic 200 INT Protein Skimmer - Reef Octopus

    Reef Octopus

    As one of the Reef Octopus Classic Series skimmers, the in-sump style Classic 200INT will provide great performance for well-stocked aquariums up to 250 gallons. This Classic Skimmer is constructed of high quality cast acrylic and features...