Mixing Station Pt. 2

Water MIXING STATION - Part Two - Newbie Tank Build

In our part-one Mixing Station episode, Mark talked Jimmy through the set-up of his mixing station. In this part-two episode, Jimmy gets to work! Join us as Jimmy puts all that knowledge to good use, visiting the hardware store, clearing space to add a new laundry sink and large cans for mixing, updating his plumbing, and more!

  • V2 FMM Optical Level Sensor (OS-1) - Neptune Systems

    V2 FMM Optical Level Sensor (OS-1) - Neptune Systems

    Neptune Systems

    This sensor plugs into your FMM and, using reflected infrared light, will signal your Apex when it changes state from being wet to dry or dry to wet. This sensor can be used for constructing your own ATO (auto-top-off), as a high-level warning sensor in...