Rock & Sand Pt.2

CHOOSING Rock & Sand For Your Reef Tank - Part Two - Newbie Tank Build

In this Part-Two episode of our series, Newbie Tank Build, Jimmy will work on the rock placement in his tank. Join us as he touches base with Mr. Saltwater Tank to discuss whether or not rock must be placed in the tank before or after the sand before getting started on his build. Jimmy will also share his thoughts on aquascaping, and we'll get a mini-episode of Mr. Saltwater Tank, RUF, as Mark checks out Jimmy's set-up and makes suggestions for improvement.

  • Life Rock Reef Tree Kit (4 Piece) Shapes - CaribSea

    Life Rock Reef Tree Kit (4 Piece) Shapes - CaribSea


    There is simply no better, no more spectacular way to aquascape your marine or reef aquarium. These open, light shapes not only provide lots of cover and “play area” for fish, but provide nice nooks and shelf areas for inverts too. CaribSea...