Breeding Fish

BREEDING Saltwater Fish At ORA Facility - ORA Tour

In this episode of our ORA Tour series, Mark will move to the other side of the ORA facility to check out fish! Join us as we look at how they create more fish, touching base on everything from how they know when fish are expecting to the caring for and feeding new fish. We'll also touch on their shipping process - how do they know when the fish are ready to ship? How do they move safely move them from the tanks to the shipment? We'll find out!

ORA Fish -

  • Captive-Bred Midnight (Amphiprion ocellaris) - ORA

    Captive-Bred Midnight (Amphiprion ocellaris) - ORA


    The Midnight Clownfish is a Black Ocellaris clownfish with no stripes. This gorgeous natural mutation was discovered in ORA’s grow-out systems and was selectively bred over the past several years.  These fish are quite rare, only a...