Lagoon Tank

SWAPPING A Refugium Tank for a Saltwater Lagoon Tank - Saltwater 700

In this episode of the Saltwater 700 series, we share why we chose to swap out the display refugium for a shallow lagoon tank. Join us as we discuss how making this change impacted our lighting and flow choices for the tank and find out why the filtration will remain the same. We'll also share our plans for substrate and livestock, including mangroves, sea anemones, and more!

  • Quantum 300 Skimmer - NYOS

    Quantum 300 Skimmer - NYOS


    The NYOS® Quantum® 300 is an efficient and silent high performance skimmer for tanks up to 4.000 litres (1000 Gallons).    Pump: Quantum 5.0 x2    Air max.: 2x 2200 l/h (550 gal/h)    Power: 22 W...