Automatic Water Testers

AUTOMATIC Water Testers - Worth the Cost & Upkeep? - Tank Automation

  • Alkatronic 4L Concentrated Reagent

    Alkatronic 4L Concentrated Reagent


    A concentrated reagent specifically for the Alkatronic Alkalinity Controller. For every 1 part reagent, mix 4 parts RO/DI water. Every 1000mL of concentrate will produce 5000mL Total of solution. Store locked up Keep away from children. Not for human...
  • Calcium (CA) Reefer Test Kit 50 Tests - NYOS Aquatics

    Calcium (CA) Reefer Test Kit 50 Tests - NYOS Aquatics


    CALCIUM REEFER NYOS REEFER test kits - taking measurements at the laboratory level at an attractive price Water properties as close to nature are the key for every aquarium's success. However, monitoring relevant parameters in seawater is difficult due...