Website Shopping Security

Credit Card Security - We do not keep any Credit Card Numbers on File.  Yes you heard that right.  Our checkout is plugged directly and securely into Paypal's Credit Services.  We do not even know your credit card when you checkout.  It is communicated via the website and paypal over an encrypted and secure connection.

Website Security - Our entire website is HTTPS.  That means even your browsing history is encrypted.  We have an ESV level SSL Certificate which includes business identity authentication, strong 256-bit encryption, 2048-bit root, $1.5M USD warranty & a GeoTrust dynamic Secured Seal trust mark.  We take your security serisouly and don't mess around.

Our payment system is plugged directly into PayPal Credit Services so your credit card information is never in danger, we don't even know your credit card number when you order.  We don't keep any credit card info on file, not in a database, any system or anything.  We couldn't even recharge your card if we wanted to.  Paypal Credit Services Learn More - Try us out, we will do our best to make your shopping experience a good one.

Google Trusted Stores Site Validation

We are also a google trusted store.  Google trusts us and so should you with your your purchase decision.

Shop with confidence is a Google Trusted Store

In accordance with the requirements of the Google Trusted Stores program, Google recognizes and certifies this retailer for:
  • Excellent shopping experience
  • Reliable on-time shipping
  • Excellent customer service
Customers of this store have the opportunity to opt in to free purchase protection, offered by Google, for eligible purchases up to $1,000.
Shop with confidence at this Google certified store.
When you visit, please make sure the URL in your browser is:
For more information about the Google Trusted Stores program, visit