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(5 Pack) - Deluxe Frozen Food Defroster Cup - THAW - RINSE - FEED - REPEAT-

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3 Pack is great for portioning food for your tank sitter!  Defrost and rinse your frozen food at the same time using the defroster cup with insert 3D Printed by Vivid Creative Aquatics

  • Removable screen and inner cup for easy cleaning
  • Lid seals tight to prevent spills and allows easy storage of defrosted food
  • Small and compact for easy storage

Additional Uses! - Great for soaking foods in selcon or other vitamin supplements.  Perfect for your tank sitter when your going on vacation, fill a few up with a variety of foods and just write the dates on the lid.  Your tank sitter will then know exactly how much of what to feed while your sipping margaritas on vacation.

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